Who we are

We are a software firm based in Malawi's commercial city Blantyre. We specialise in providing custom software solutions for various fields listed below.

We take pride in our timely delivery of solutions that are streamlined and user oriented by focusing on your requirements and deadlines.If you can't see your field of interest please feel free to contact us to request a quote or inquire.

Fields of expertise

How It Work's

User Experience

By focusing on your experience, we gather key requirements that best define your needs.


Detailed use cases are sketched from the requirements and presented to you. Showing you how the user will interact with the system.


A prototype of the system is developed based on the use cases.


The prototype is tested by it's intended users and if need be adjustments are made.

Deployment & maintenance

The system is built from the prototype and deployed. Maintenance is observed for the agreed period.

E - Learning Initiative

COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on the world and still does. Among the fields that have been gravely affected is the Educational sector with highest closer of schools seen internationally.

Patsogolo E-Learning app aims to address most issues modern platforms lack and also introduces a few new features including the parent app. Please note that the app can be customised to your needs or requirements and can include your logo.

App Screenshots

Augmented Reality and E-learning

By using your phone's camera our Augmented Reality (AR) E-learning app overlays information about things and places where it's pointed at turning any room or place into a dynamic,interesting and fun learning experience for all.

Preferred Engines

Other Products

The following are some of our android apps available for purchase and are fully customizable to your needs.

Business Tracker (Android)

Our latest innovation, Business Tracker syncs with your point of sale (POS) or stock taking system to give you live updates without the need of logging into a web browser.

The app includes several features such as low stock level notifications, employee account management, sales analysis tools and much more.

App Screenshots

Director's Statement